It hasn't exactly been a great snow year but it's been one of my favorite ski seasons yet. Just getting out on the hill feels like a big win this season and the lack of snow can hardly dampen the feeling of pure accomplishment that I get just by stepping into my bindings and sliding up to the lift.

We purchased season passes at Hoodoo (which is a small resort just about twenty miles from our property up in Sisters) crossing our fingers that we'd actually use them even though it meant driving three hours north, camping out in the trailer out every weekend and taking turns watching the twins. It's worked out though, we've been their skiing our hearts out every weekend but one since the resort opened. We come home exhausted every time but it really ends up clearing our heads and breathing life into the rest of the week.

Denver's parents met us up at the mountain last weekend and watched the twins. Denver and I had the luxury of skiing together and then leisurely switching out of our ski gear only to walk into the lodge and find both babies happy as could be taking an afternoon siesta in their Grandma and Papa's arms.


Caswell and Alta's First Christmas from Denver & Chelsea on Vimeo.

A wildly entertaining video in which the twins pull out all their best tricks, take a snooze in their car seats and head out for a three very epic ski turns.

Merry Christmas Everbody!


The plan was to go a bit farther out for our tree but just after leaving the house I realized that both our water bottles were bone dry. There's nothing quite like the shake of an empty water bottle to suddenly make it seem like you've been thirsty for years so we decided to swing into a nearby spring for a refill. Our thirst was satiated. The rain turned to snow. We nabbed a perfect little tree (not really that hard as our tree standards are very low) just off the dirt road into the springs. Back at home the babies took a long nap while we strung some lights, feasted on a hot sandwich and cold ciders and watched the snow fill in outside. As far as days go this one was pretty much magic. Still earthside don't get me wrong. but just a little glimpse of heaven.



Happy 6 months to these two!