It feels like all we've been doing lately is working, some of these photos testify to the result of that, but also to all the sweet moments in between. We're over at the river house now and it is quite possibly the most beautiful place I've ever lived. I just can't get over the views, the morning light and this rad little cabin that Denver somehow put together largely by himself over the last year. We picked up two cheap inflatable paddle boards from Costco and it's been so fun to access the river from a different vantage point. 

The house "to do" list is shrinking day by day. All that's really left is the loft railing, a kitchen island (that will also serve as our dining table) and some more cabinetry in the entry and pantry. I couldn't find cabinets and closet doors that would work in the space for a reasonable price so Denver just ended up making everything out in the driveway these last few weeks, taking his usual DIY philosophy to another level of madness.

The house that we ended up moving into last summer is still managing to defy all reasonable odds by refusing to sell (at a huge loss I might add). It's been a ten year burden and money pit that I've prayed so hard to get out of. It's still ours and though my prayers have not been answered the way I would like, God has provided far more generously then we ever deserved. Even giving us the ability to pay the mortgage every month while still giving Denver the opportunity to work independently. 

The house has been a hard blessing (I think of hard blessings as good for the soul but hard on the heart) and a constant reminder that although we are gifted so much independence we are still incredibly dependent on our Creator (nothing self-made going on here!). I'm trying to pray that God would bring us a buyer but that even more importantly I could learn to pay the mortgage or mow the lawn without letting the situation rattle my good cheer and then the good cheer of those around me. Because the truth is, if it wasn't the house getting me all out of sorts there's always something else that could send me for an unattractive tailspin.

God has been so faithful, through the good and the rough, the hard and the easy blessings.   

Happy Birthday Cas + Alta


And just like that my babies went and turned one on me. We celebrated the twins first birthday over at the new build, everybody just graciously ignored all the unfinished edges. At this point, I think our families are all used to our weird living situations (bless their hearts) and would probably be more weirded out if we were actually living like normal people in a normal house.

There were so many good years with Denver and I just doing our thing. I wouldn't trade those years for anything but, this last year might be the best one yet. Cas and Alta have brought so much joy. Their little souls make each day brighter and each moment just a little better (and sometimes more stressful!). I wanted to give up on ever having a family but Denver wouldn't let me and ended up carrying the optimism and hope to buoy us both. God did a work on my heart during those years of wanting what wasn't mine. He loosened my grip and showed me I wasn't in control. Then showed me that He saw me and then gave me the greatest gifts I could ever imagine. A gift that I always try to remember to hold with an open hand. I'm so so thankful for this little family of mine.

As seen through the lens:

En-route to a successful summit of Mt Shasta. Denver had hoped to ski the route but the conditions were bullet proof so he and a friend basically just hauled their skis up to the top and then back down again.  (The Shasta photos are all taken by another climbing amigo.)

The twins and I stayed home and ate snacks in the sun.

Lots of hours of on the new build. Denver broke ground last year just a few days before the twins were born. I was hoping to get the place finished up before the year mark but it just didn't quite happen.

The house isn't finished but it's been graced with the most amazing custom canvas. It's been in the works for a few months, we specified the size but everything else was left up to our friend (and incredible artist).

Striking blooms from my sis-in-law.

Denver and Cas still sporting the same chopped hair. 

We spent our first night over at the new house after the twin's birthday. We woke up to the sun streaming across the river and the honking of the Canadian geese family that have become quite possessive of the small island in front of the lot.

More sun and snacks.


Documenting Cas and Alta's first tea party (Denver's too for that matter) and the day the sun finally made an appearance.



I love this stage of a project. I love seeing everything come together, finally feeling that the end is within sight. Maybe someday soon we'll even move the tub off of the entry porch. Denver finished up the tile and has been putting down wood flooring. I've slowly but surely been painting the exterior and finishing up with staining the trim. Cas and Alta have come to know all the flavors of a job site. They come home covered in sheetrock dust and pretty much everything but it sure is nice to be there all together. Here they are with their cheery post nap faces. Nap times sure make everyone feel better!

Easter Sunday


We skipped out on our usual Easter sunrise hike and went for some pre church donuts and coffee in the park. The sun was fully up but it seemed just as cold as it had in past years so luckily we didn't skip out on the whole experience. I'm not very good at doing holidays but for me, if there is a day worth joining in celebration, this would be the day. He is risen. Hope is risen!