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Caswell Addison & Alta Siobhan 

Born May 10, 2017

It's really amazing how two teeny tiny little people can full your heart so full. They've only been with us a week but they've been the sweetest little additions making this transition far more enjoyable then I could have wished. Recovery is going to be a bit slow as they decided to come earth-side in their own unique ways, Alta with a natural birth and Caswell with an emergency c-section but I'm already feeling better then I've had for months and so relieved to have these babies safe and sound in my arms instead of in my belly. Because of the extra complications with their birth we spent five days in the hospital but the extra time just helped make us feel comfortable (all the nurses and hospital staff really went above and beyond to send us home in the best shape possible) plus how great is that room service! God has been gracious through it all and I couldn't be more thankful for this little family of ours.  


After searching for another remodel project these last six months and just feeling like everything we looked at was overpriced and uninspiring we decided it was time to take the plunge and try new construction. It feels so good to have another project in the works. The plan is to put up a small 1500 sq ft cabin, right where Denver is standing in the first and last photos. The lot is relatively steep which will make for some extra costs and ground work but the view is beautiful and I love how the riverfront aspect makes for an ever changing landscape.

The last month and a half was spent rehabbing a house that we bought back in 2007, when we were blissfully signing papers as the market crashed.  Nothing like your first real estate purchase still being under water 10 years later! The place was a mess when the last tenants finally vacated the property, but after filling two 30 yard dumpsters with junk, and putting in new flooring, new paint and new fixtures it's looking presentable again. The For Sale sign just went up over the weekend, I'm praying, hoping, crossing my fingers that it sells in a reasonable time frame.

It's been good to have these projects to distract from that ever present "waiting on babies" feeling. It's  knowing that your life is about to be completely different but feeling powerless to really prepare.  As I'm driving around in the car I'll catch myself eyeing the backseat trying to wrap my mind around the reality of having two little humans in car seats back there.  I really have no idea what to expect, and no choice other then to wait and find out. And so I wait, patiently of course, because that's obviously a strong point. 

Twin Belllllyyyyy | 32 weeks


This belly is feeling pretty huge these days, already measuring at the equivalent of full term for a singleton pregnancy. According to the doctor twins usually do well when born between 32 and 38 weeks and although I'm hoping to make it closer to the 38 week mark it's a relief to reach the safety zone.

Each day brings us closer and closer to the finish line and I am so ready to meet these two. Ready, but also just a bit (a lot bit) nervous, wish me luck!


We're back in Oregon now missing all the amazing fresh fruit and watching our tans fade rapidly. I've never been a let's-eat-papayas kind of person but they happened to be in season and that changed everything. Let's eat papayas! A few full days were spent on the house project but mostly it was just here and there leaving Denver plenty of time to surf and me lots of beach/pool time.


My in-laws bought some land in Costa Rica a few years ago and have decided it's time to build.  Denver and I have been anxiously waiting for this decision and are really excited to be a part of the project.  The property is in a little township called Ojochal on Costa Rica's west coast just up the hill from the beach with beautiful ocean views.  There is great surfing in the area and all kinds of wildlife as much of the area is national park or government owned. The area seems to of attract quite a wide variety of international residents which makes for a fun vibe but even better all kinds of small family owned restaurants with amazing ethnic food, from french bakeries to tahitian infusion all at really reasonable prices.  

We learned so much in the last few weeks but also feel like there is so much more to learn and work through.  While these kind of projects are often successfully completed with the owners living off shore we couldn't help but think it would wise to be on site for much of the build especially as Denver has quite a bit of construction experience and we are all pretty particular about finish, cost and management.  Here's a little sneak peek at the architectural renderings, I think it's going to look even more awesome in person!




There is so much to be thankful for and look forward to as we begin another year but mostly we're grateful and excited for baby Linthicum (x2) so far healthy, happy and all set to join us in early May.  These two are an answer to prayer and our hearts are full. 


Life aside from the twin excitement:

- Prepping to begin a new build as soon as the weather permits this spring. We couldn't find another house flip that seemed like a good investment so it was time to try new approach. Building from the ground up is so different from remodeling. So far there has been lots to learn and we haven't even broken ground yet!

- Shop days. The plan is furnish the other unit in Bend once the current lease expires this spring so Denver has been busy creating. I'm his cheeky sanding and finishing apprentice, I'd think he'd fire me if he could.

- A couple day ski trip with my family to celebrate my Dad's 60th birthday.  I love to ski and I love that my family is game to go even in this crazy cold weather.

- Lots of snow shoveling.

- My parent's huge hay barn (the one I took a picture of Denver and I in just a few posts back) just collapsed unexpectedly this afternoon. Which is so crazy but probably only crazy to me and more like having a comic strip verbally explained for everyone else.

- We're flying out for Costa Rica tomorrow. If all goes well hopefully 2017 and all the years hereafter will also include a Linthicum family house in the tropics named Casa Panoramica. More on that to come.