I love this stage of a project. I love seeing everything come together, finally feeling that the end is within sight. Maybe someday soon we'll even move the tub off of the entry porch. Denver finished up the tile and has been putting down wood flooring. I've slowly but surely been painting the exterior and finishing up with staining the trim. Cas and Alta have come to know all the flavors of a job site. They come home covered in sheetrock dust and pretty much everything but it sure is nice to be there all together. Here they are with their cheery post nap faces. Nap times sure make everyone feel better!

Easter Sunday


We skipped out on our usual Easter sunrise hike and went for some pre church donuts and coffee in the park. The sun was fully up but it seemed just as cold as it had in past years so luckily we didn't skip out on the whole experience. I'm not very good at doing holidays but for me, if there is a day worth joining in celebration, this would be the day. He is risen. Hope is risen!



A beautiful weekend day, complete with a few hours of spring-like skiing in the morning and an afternoon hike out at Smith Rock. We weren't the only ones that thought the Misery Ridge trail wouldn't be miserable, it was hard to catch a photo with just our party.     

The mountain view at the end of the driveway is incredible. I'm really hoping that with some selective tree thinning and thoughtful house placement we'll be able to enjoy a piece of the view from our living room windows.

So much stop and go with silver projects these days. It feels especially good to finally finish something new. The twins like the hoops just a little too much, it's all sorts of playing with fire wearing them around those two and their quick hands. 

Denver planned on subbing out the drywall and insulation on the river house and gosh it's been great seeing progress happen on the inside while he was able to finish up the siding (the color in the photos is just a primer we still need to paint) and make some headway on the deck railing fabrication.

I'm so glad Denver was able to capture this little face that Alta makes when she's trying to figure something out, her eyebrows furrowed, mouth turned down, her full body poised and on the ready.  I'll often overhear him telling her "Ali, I think you're the prettiest baby in the world" and it just melts my heart. I'm so thankful for this little family of mine and I know I'm getting greedy but gosh I sure wouldn't mind if God saw fit to bless us with a few more of these little people.  

Cas seems to love inclement weather of all kinds. He'll just set his little face to the rain and wind for the longest time without even a whimper. He has such a good sense of humor always ready for a good laugh always making the grocery store checkout ladies feel like a million bucks when he gives his best toothy grin in response to their hello. 



It hasn't exactly been a great snow year but it's been one of my favorite ski seasons yet. Just getting out on the hill feels like a big win this season and the lack of snow can hardly dampen the feeling of pure accomplishment that I get just by stepping into my bindings and sliding up to the lift.

We purchased season passes at Hoodoo (which is a small resort just about twenty miles from our property up in Sisters) crossing our fingers that we'd actually use them even though it meant driving three hours north, camping out in the trailer out every weekend and taking turns watching the twins. It's worked out though, we've been their skiing our hearts out every weekend but one since the resort opened. We come home exhausted every time but it really ends up clearing our heads and breathing life into the rest of the week.

Denver's parents met us up at the mountain last weekend and watched the twins. Denver and I had the luxury of skiing together and then leisurely switching out of our ski gear only to walk into the lodge and find both babies happy as could be taking an afternoon siesta in their Grandma and Papa's arms.