Working on the house


Friday we decided we had all weekend to work on the house, so we went for a bike ride, confident that "we would work hard all day Saturday". Today, we had breakfast with some friends, and decided that we needed to burn it off with another ride. So much for Saturday. There's always Sunday, right?

The best of Summer 2010


Death Valley National Park

Denver and Carter looking down the U-notch on North Palisade

Joshua Tree National Park

Red Rocks National Park

Denver leading West Country in Tuolumne

Mono Lake

Mathes Crest

Jocelyn and Denver skiing the Mountaineer's Route, Mt Whitney

Lover's Leap

Denver approaching Bear Creek Spire

A new neighborhood


Over the weekend we moved into our new house. Goodbye dingy apartment that is dark like a bat cave. Hello old house with charming brick and tons of windows. The house is 86 years old and is therefore quite small and in need of some serious upgrades. So it's not 100% charming now, but it has lots of potential and will be 100% cool when we're done. I hope. At least the neighbors and the Frank The Mailman are all friendly so they won't make fun of us to our faces. I am excited about the project, but also wish we could move in without spending a couple of months living out of boxes. Oh well, I'll just have to pray for patience and hope that Denver works as fast as he say's he does.

My favorite parts about our new place? My very own washer and dryer. A peaceful and quiet neighborhood. The big tall trees lining the street. A room in the basement that is dedicated to the storage of gear. And bright sunshiny rooms.

The dining and living room

The kitchen and breakfast nook

The carriage house which is slated to become a studio apartment.