The freezer is full of beef once again. Somehow this happens on an annual basis. The grass-fed, home-raised, goodness piles high. So thankful for parents who so generously share the fruit of their labor.

My brother-in-law cued us in to an amazing blog and cookbook over the weekend.  Hank Shaw seems to have a simple approach to the pursuit of food; hes not a hipster agonizing about the carbon footprint of broccoli, he's just a guy who loves the idea that there are hundreds of delicious edible options in nature if you know where to look and how to harvest it. We are pretty impressed and inspired, you'll have to check it out and let us know what you think.

Sierra snow


 The Sierra crest is expected to get upwards of four feet of snow by Monday morning, which is a lot considering it didn't start snowing until last night. We went out for a little ski and enjoyed making comments about the numerous ill-fated drivers flailing in the ditches. It was snowing so hard that visibility was difficult, and by the time we skied out for an hour and came back to the truck, our skin track was completely covered. Storms like this always serve to put me in mind of the Donner Party, and I kept sizing up Denver's tasty loins in case we became stranded. Still trying to decide if this was a good idea.

A snorkel wood-fired hot tub


Someday we're going to have one of these off of our own back porch. A dark snowy night, steaming hot water and the sound of a crackling fire makes for the most amazing combination.

A Gift


Perfect from top to bottom


From the knobby recycled glass vase to the understated snowy-white blossoms. I've so enjoyed watching these grow!

Castle Peak


Castle Peak is becoming our favorite choice for an icy but sunny backcountry ski day. The south facing slopes and gullies warm up just perfectly in the mid afternoon sun. Softening the ice and making for a fantastic ski descent.


In other news, these three and some of my favorite cousins came to visit over the weekend. It was good. As in, we woke up to our houseguests making us breakfast kind of good.

Dawn Patrol


Turned out to be far more enjoyable then we ever suspected. Best tracks on the mountain!

'tis the Season


In between ill-fated adventures and watching the rain, Denver's been working all sorts of magic in his shop. I love when this happens.

Feather River