We woke up a littler earlier then necessary today just to enjoy a morning together. There's nothing more special then a little one-on-one time with fresh coffee and the glow of a laptop.

Grandpa & Grandma


Visiting my grandparents is like a constant giggle and a chuckle mixed in with a few hopeless remarks about the state of our country. They somehow manage to keep track of the goings on of their seven kids and bajillion grandkids/great-grandkids, making each one of us feel loved and special.

Road trip: Pemberton, BC, CA


Totally skunked in the backcountry outside of Pemberton. We decidedly spent more time breaking trail and digging out the truck then actually making sweet turns. There was far more joy to be found in the side country off of Blackcomb.

Road trip: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Next up, a very beautiful and very wet city.

Photo credit to Jocelyn

Road trip: Bellingham, WA


We left for Whistler a few days early so we could spend some time along the way touring in the backcountry and in the city. Our first night was spent at a rest area near Bellingham. We wandered along the harbor for a few hours and grabbed a heart healthy breakfast. Love this quirky old fishing town and love the donuts.

Whistler, BC, Canada

My parents took the family to Whistler a few weeks ago. It just might be my favorite ski destination yet. The weather was perfect, a big storm cleared out our first day on the mountain leaving us with fresh snow and blue sky. The lodging was perfect, there is nothing better then simply walking out the door and onto the gondola in the morning. Skiing back to the doorstep at the end of the day and then heading for the hot tub. The company was perfect, I love being able to share an activity and uninterrupted time with some of my all-time favorite people.

Mom & Dad, you guys are top-notch generous, thank you!

Travis, Karen & Melody, we missed you guys!

Benson Hut


Another Benson Hut photo. We couldn't let the blog go without a single photo. More pictures and story here