The final Alaska post


The last picture of the "view" from our apartment. These are possibly the most photographed trees in Anchorage.
The last days in J347
Our last ski trip
the last picture of the snow
the last goofy picture
Don't just laugh. I'm sure you can't look quite this hot while wearing ski boots and leggings.

early spring in the park


Spring is staring to come, even to Alaska. It is staying light 'till almost 10 pm now, so Chelsea and I took a walk through the park to see what other changes spring was bringing.

These are typical Alaska trees. I always half expect to see the Thorax hiding nearby, ready to suck peas down his fingers.

A nifty statue behind the police station. (I have no idea why they put it here, where only six people see it every month)

This model was walking by, and I asked if I could take her picture. She obliged.

The first pussy-willow things of the season. Branches with particularly nice ones are always in danger of being ripped off and carried home by Chelsea for "decorative" purposes.

Farewell Aleyska


When our lazy selves don't want to sweat for some turns we head to Aleyska Resort. The views are beautiful and standing in a tram is a truly genius way to get to the top of run. We'd like to say that nothing at a resort can compare to the backcountry; however, chair lifts and trams give the backcountry some serious competition.

This last weekend the Subaru freeskiing championships were held at Aleyska, we got to watch a few nice runs, but one of the competitors fell and actually died, terrible! Freeskiing anyone? Anyways, the comps were discontinued until the next day. We lugged the camera around in a pack to try and capture some pictures of the resort before we head south.

The headwall where the competitions were held. Another view of the headwall.

The finish gate: fun times with some rockin awesome music and nice flags.

The view from the top of the resort with the Turnagain Bay in the background.

Sun Dog


Denver was able to capture this sun dog over Magnum peak. Sadly by the time we had summited the clouds and rolled in and the visibility turned to pea soup.

Lots of Snow


I am happy to report 12 inches of new snow this weekend. Let the snow days continue!

Dumpster Diving


Denver found some speakers beside the dumpsters at school yesterday and brought them home. They actually worked! We have wanted to buy some speakers to hook up to the notebook (which is our sound system, TV and everything) for a long time, but didn't want to spend the money.
Anyways we won't have to watch movies with the computer on our lap anymore, we can rock out to some Bob Dylan and feel sexy looking at our new free speakers. As you can see below these nifty noodle speakers are super cool and look like they might of been even cooler in the late 90s.
My husband is a good one for doing a little dumpster diving. The lamp in the background came from one of his other jaunts into garbage land. He has also recently brought home other special finds such as a: broken tripod, a broken Niterider headlamp, two chairs that work, another functioning lamp, numerous pens and pencils and a Christmas tree stand and Christmas lights that didn't work (Jocelyn helped him with the last two fabulous finds). My contribution in the dumpster diving was a futon-like-couch-thing that we quickly decided was too wet and stinky to ever recover, so the cough thing was returned to its home in the trash. We still don't have a couch but we do have two very nice camp chairs.