Lunch break


Working three twelve hour days has certain benefits. These benefits all begin and end with an extra day off. As Denver is still on the four tens schedule, I have a day all to myself. A day without any obligation to head out-of-town early and guilt-free as I've already put-in my working time for the week. There is nothing that makes my soul more happy then a day of production. A day of crossing items of of the to-do list. A day of baking, cooking, cleaning, organizing, yard work and furniture rearrangement. That long list of people we've been wanting to have over for dinner? I finally have time to prepare a meal and enjoy the fellowship of friends in the evening, without madly rushing around after a long day at work.

In the midst of all the list-making and accomplishing is my sister's lunch break. I had to talk myself into asking to join her the first time (My desire for accomplishing battled my desire for relationship) and now it's the highlight of my week. She's found this secret little spot on the Truckee river. A rustic landing of plywood at the end of a short, but very hidden trail. We have a full hour to sit there eating lunch, watching the water and the ducks and the ground squirrels in the pasture across the river. If the sun's out we'll throw on our swimsuits and catch some rays. Just the two of us, talking about life and laughing about such and such. I share some lunch, she shares her nail polish. I never know how long we'll get to live in the same town, much less the same state....I'm thankful that, for the time being, we can eat food together and enjoy the afternoon breeze. She's teaching me, gently and without admonition, about how to live life. How to work crazy hard but also take time to enjoy the small moments. How to do a little less judging and alot more loving. How to focus on the good parts of people instead of the yuck. How to gracefully embrace a new adventure instead of responding with fear and resistance. She's taught me that as much as my soul loves production it doesn't compare to quality time spent with the people I love. Lunch break? In her words, I guess it's my newest thang, yo

Easy on the eyes


We headed south for the weekend to do some mountain biking near Mammoth Lakes. The trails were in perfect condition and the cooler temperatures made the lower elevation portions and ridiculously long hill climbs surprisingly pleasant. The views keep getting better and better.

A bold move


We're really living on the edge here in the final stages of the carriage house renovation. This blue door is quite the rebellion from the usual white and grey palette. Who knows what might happen next?!



With much happiness I can say that I have no horror in-law stories to share. My in-laws have been so welcoming and so fun and so kind from the very beginning. I can't imagine not sharing lives. Denver and I know how fortunate we are to consider his parents mentors, advisers, and some of our closest friends. The best part? After spending a few days together we feel incredibly refreshed, encouraged and a tiny bit invincible. (The diet coke and increased coffee uptake might have something to do with the invincible part) Regardless, if life gets you down...go for a visit!



We're not really sure how long we'll be living in our little brick house and I already regret not spending more time enjoying our proximity to downtown (less then a quarter mile to the river!) with it's lovely river walk and a fun restaurants. Our budget is a little more "Grocery Outlet" friendly and a little less "fun restaurant" friendly. However, a friend's birthday dinner gave us a good excuse to head out for the evening. It's been a remarkably warm May and the river banks are already crowded.



Two paddleboards are on our wishlist but until those wishes are granted we decided to use our long boards. It was a little rough on the knees and we certainly looked like gapers but it was by far the most enjoyable upper body workout I've yet to experience. We feel so blessed to live in such a beautiful place!

Santa Cruz


We couldn't of asked for a better weekend at the beach, with calm winds, sunny skies and a highs in the 70s. Denver is actually starting to look like he's surfing, I'm still just catching a few waves now and then. We spent a few hours in the water each morning and after warming up on the beach jumped in the car and headed down the road for some new sites. The tide pools in Monterey kept us busy for hours, deciding to leave is so hard as there is always the possibility that the next pool will hold some magnificent creature. North of Santa Cruz in Point Arenas we found nice hiking trails and beaches that were covered with hundreds of elephant seals. Elephant seals are crazy creatures, always barking, harassing each other, and piling in heaps on the sand. The outlet malls in Gilroy also kept us busy for hours. I personally find that outlet malls are a bit like tide pools, there is always a possibility that next store will hold some magnificent sale. Denver doesn't seem to have the same feelings.