The Pact


a pact was made

a haircut before the first day of fall would be the ultimate mistake

to fail was to ski naked, this was no joke

who wants to ski naked? Who makes pacts like these?

Nonetheless it's been done.  The long awaited day has come and gone. To be safe a day's time was added as a safety net. First things first. Haircut.

Tomatoes = Happiness


It's probably becoming apparent that I haven't had a garden of my own before, at least one that actually grows. We've been able to gather a large bowl full daily and it's such a satisfying experience. I can't wait to plant a little more variety next year (as in, something other then just tomatoes) now that there is a little experience and confidence on board.

New shoes & yellow leaves


The goal was to have the studio finished and the house in tip-top shape by October 1st. Life was going along swimmingly until we realized that it was already the middle of September. This realization gave us a big kick-in-the-pants and we begrudgingly gave up our four day weekend to work around the house. We did take one very small-itty-bitty-break to test out my new rock shoes and enjoy the changing season. Fall is in the air, my friends!

AND.....another video:

We are currently a bit obsessed with trying to figure out this whole video thing. So much to learn....but also so much fun!



Yesterday afternoon was spent cleaning out a dingy 1970s condo. A condo that was so like our previous apartments that I was given a fresh appreciation for our current home, freshly remodeled and full of my favorite things.  I couldn't help but document the morning light and these shells that old eagle eye found on Catalina. I guess when there aren't any fish to spear the next best thing is looking for treasures on the ocean floor. 

Two Harbors, Catalina Island


Our first-ever video! Please be kind, and don't judge too harshly, we have so much to learn in regards to taking and editing video. If the shake get's to be too much go ahead and just scroll down for the nice and steady stills.

Hoping a return to the island is in our future, such a beautiful place!

Sound track courtesy of Best Coast



Early morning. Sunshine. First sip of coffee. Feels. SO. GOOD.

Breakfast of champions


confession: I'm sort of not allowed to publish food pictures

confession: I'm doing it anyways...just this once

I love taking pictures of food but all such photos remain in the photo library and eventually deleted, who really cares what we've been eating.  However, this combo MUST be shared. It's been our breakfast staple for the summer, who could turn down an iced coffee & breakfast sandwich? No one, I'm sure. Try it, you'll be addicted as well. Try it only have a few weeks before it's back to hot coffee and a bowl of oatmeal.

Mr. Handy


Seriously, the man can do anything. He tells me that it's an acquired skill, that once you start using your hands, all you need is a little google research and can-do attitude. I'm not so sure. All I know is that in the last six years and 361 days that we've been married we've only had to hire an "expert" twice and Mr. Handy has done everything, from oil furnace and dishwasher repair to surfboard and car repairs.

jokes on us


It was getting dark and we were starting to lose hope.  We had driven around for almost an hour and a half looking for a place to park and sleep. False leads and the dream of an "amazing & free overnight parking/camping spot" are going nowhere. All three of us are tired and a bit frustrated. Denver spots an empty driveway above the highway and quickly spins the wheel.  We find ourselves on an empty hillside. The piles of garbage make a convincing case that the area isn't patrolled or private property. We look around at each other; old couches sit slouching into moldy decay, a string of burned-out Christmas lights grace a nearby bush.  It's certainly not inviting but we didn't have many options. No one wanted to shell out $35 for some campsite. If there even was a campsite still available at 9pm on Friday night of Labor day weekend. We unanimously decide to call it a night and make camp. 

About fifteen minutes later we see some lights down the hill near the entrance. Afraid that we'd be locked in or told to leave I just decided to be proactive and go say hi. Off I trotted down the hill.  It was just a couple of lineman and they didn't seem to have a problem with our location, "it's fine if you park, just be sure to close the gate up nice and tight when you leave," they said. I nod my head happily..."yes, yes, It will be the best lock-up you've ever seen." So relieved that they weren't going to kick us back out on the highway.

As they start their trucks and prepare to leave, two of them walk over to where we're reading in the car.
"Don't forget to close that gate" they remind us."We've been splicing some stuff down there, and don't want anybody to get into it."
This seems slightly odd, as the power lines are on poles fifty feet off the ground, but we are eager to please.  "Of course," we say, "we won't forget."

The next morning we wake after a rather uneventful night, save for Jocelyn having a fright because of the moonbeams glinting off of a piece of garbage that looked like the beady eyes of a small and dangerous animal. As we drive out to the highway we pause to close the gate. As I step out of the car I realize that something is amiss.What used to be the gate is a mangled piece of wreckage; rusty and about six feet away from the hinges.This gate has clearly not been closed in years.

Whoever says linemen don't have a sense of humor needs to pay a visit to the crew in Santa Cruz.