Merry Christmas Everbody!


The plan was to go a bit farther out for our tree but just after leaving the house I realized that both our water bottles were bone dry. There's nothing quite like the shake of an empty water bottle to suddenly make it seem like you've been thirsty for years so we decided to swing into a nearby spring for a refill. Our thirst was satiated. The rain turned to snow. We nabbed a perfect little tree (not really that hard as our tree standards are very low) just off the dirt road into the springs. Back at home the babies took a long nap while we strung some lights, feasted on a hot sandwich and cold ciders and watched the snow fill in outside. As far as days go this one was pretty much magic. Still earthside don't get me wrong. but just a little glimpse of heaven.



Happy 6 months to these two!


It was like the old days but so much better with Cas and Ali along. It always feels like such a gong show out and about these days but at least it's never boring. We camped out on the new property and the twins logged their first ever ski day. Everyone stayed warm and toasty even though the temps dropped down into the low 20s overnight and didn't get above 30 during the day.

Denver and I are all whizzed up on what we hope will be the first of many ski days for the season. Hopefully we'll get a few more backcountry days in but the real plan is to do lots more lift riding and swapping kid duty in the lodge. I'm quite positive that whoever is on kid duty is going to get the real work out.


As seen through the lens:

What is probably the prettiest autumn season I've ever experienced. Perfect in every way with crystal blue sky and golden afternoons.

Neither Denver or myself ever thought we'd see him wearing one of the these front style baby packs all over the place (in fact I promised myself it would never happen and here I am happily eating my words AGAIN) but these cheapos that I found on Amazon for 15 bucks have been a game changer. The twins are happy as clams for hours and it's been so so great being able to access single track trails that our Chariot could never fit down.

Just dying to be able to step out of an oversized slider onto a real deckDear Denver, I'm sorry, but you're going to have to top eating lunch and get to work! I'm going to head back home now for some tea and scones.

If only I was kidding.

Trying to get some yard work done but these two babies are just the biggest distraction. 

Birthday flowers and more of the late season sun coming through the windows. 

Great Grandma Emard (Aunt Annette and Aunt Renee too) came to visit! I actually thought to pull out the camera and take a photo. I really love looking back at old family photos so I'm trying to get better about taking some for Cas and Ali to someday enjoy. 

We found some land, flowing with honey (no milk though) and now it's ours!

Our new land! Just under eight acres a few miles outside of Sisters. Land that we had looked at earlier this year and was still there waiting for us. We pulled the travel trailer on sight yesterday and are looking forward to having a comfy place to stay as we are in the area most weekends for church and fun. There isn't any power or water so we shall see how it all works out. 

This house, plopped down in the most beautiful Ponderosa pines, is still for sale, I'm feeling a little gloomy about the situation as our summer selling season has pretty much come and gone. God's timing and plan is always so much different then mine and I'm learning to be thankful for that, thankful for a place to live, and trying to let the future worry about itself.

Me and my baby girl. Evidence that God is faithful.