It seems that we've finally surfaced from a full five week submersion in wildfire smoke. Smoke that was so thick at times we could hardly see the river from the house. I'm crossing my fingers the clean air is here to stay for a while, it's been missed. There is still a hint of pollution on the horizon but everything seems amazingly vibrant and full of life, the river extra sparkly and crystal clear, the sky overhead more blue then ever before. 

Despite the smoke stealing our clean air, August was good to us, we finally sold THE house. It's hard to believe it actually happened. I'm not sure the escrow officer had seen two people quite so happy to sign away ownership. We restrained ourselves from skipping right out of the title company but did high five the minute we got out of sight in the truck and offered up a huge prayer of thanksgiving (huge in feeling not articulate or lengthy whatsoever).

Denver put in a small dock down by the river. I think it's nice to stay out of the mud getting in and out of the water. The twins think it's a pretty great place for practicing risky maneuvers. When he's not busy perfecting his somersaults or high dives off the dock Cas has been busy growing teeth. Those teeth have been causing everyone all sorts of misery. I counted them up the other day, turns out he's already got 16 of 20 teeth in so hopefully the worst is almost over. Alta is a less aggressive tooth grower, she loves small tubes and laughing at her brothers antics. Cas has always got some sort of game up his sleeve (usually along the line of hiding behind something and popping up with grin) but sometimes all he has to do is lean back against the pillow with a sly smile and Alta is thrown into a fit of giggles. One year old humor is sometimes lost on Denver and me.  

I've decided that each night of camping with the twins is the equivalent to at least three nights without the twins. Which basically means all we've been doing is camping for over a month now and I'm ready to go home and never go again.