Their 2nd Birthday!


The twins celebrated their second birthday this last weekend. I pretty sure Denver and I had just as much fun (maybe more) as the kids did at their party. Our little rental was filled to the brim with all good things, even the tree out front really put on an outlandish display to celebrate!  


We've been home now since the end of February and found a little rental up in Bend just before a mega snowstorm hit the area. I've been able to put the snow shovel to good use, it's kinda nice to not miss out on winter entirely.  It's also been so so nice to get back to life and feel settled again. I'm ready to hunker down for a few months and just enjoy normal work and normal life; hopefully spend far less time on the open road. Denver has a couple of remodel projects he's started and once the snow melts and everything dries out he'll hopefully be ready to start building a shop for himself out on the Sisters property. I haven't taken a single photo since we've been home though, still enjoying the Mexico ones from the warmer days of yesterday.



The Toyota is up and running as of December 30th. Denver and I were both equal parts thrilled and relieved to have that thing driveable before the new year rolled around. We loaded up the kids and went for a joy ride down the gravel road and out into the pasture (It's not quite road worthy yet as it still needs a muffler and tire balance). I have never so thoroughly enjoyed the sound of a running engine.

It's been a crazy project. I had absolutely no idea what the whole engine swap would entail (Denver has even admitted to not really understanding the full extent of the project himself) but he saw it through and the truck seems to drive like a dream. It isn't quite finished and still needs a good wash after sitting in the shop all these months, but I couldn't help sharing a few of the restoration thus far. My favorite part is all the custom upholstery; new seats, carpet and door panels.

We're officially homeless again as I signed a lease on our house for the winter months. I'm  actually really thankful to have somebody staying who seems like a great fit even though it meant we  missed out on a much anticipated Christmas on the river. We were able to spend our first month at my parents place now dubbed the "ranch house" as they are trying out living in the town house during the winter. It's been a much appreciated place to land for the month and to me, will always just feel like the best kind of home. It's been so fun for the kids to get some ranch exposure, feeding animals and putting around on the 4-wheeler. Denver sure appreciated the insulated and heated garage while working on the Toyota during the cold and wet winter days.


I couldn't help but reminisce on this last year a little today. I'm so thankful that 2018 included Cas and Ali's sweet little faces

I'm also so thankful that 2018 included dining alfresco after those sweet little faces went to bed. Denver and I ate out almost every evening until the cold drove us back indoors. I snapped the photo below on our 13th anniversary, feeling just a bit fancier then most evenings as Denver threw on a button up and I had a new sweater to wear.