I'm all about this routine


Kayce and Garret have the whole skiing thing figured out.

Ski. Hot chocolate. Ski.Hot chocolate. Ski. Hot chocolate.

Or better yet.

Ski. Hot chocolate. Hot chocolate. Ski. Hot chocolate. Hot chocolate. Hot chocolate.

Jackson Hole

As mentioned in the previous post, my parents treated us to a luxurious week in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Before the rest of the family arrived and the heavens opened up their splendor, the three of us spent a few days catching some backcountry lines and camping out.

Welcome to Jackson!

We spent three nights snug as bugs and a little bit damp.

Our first tour in Teton Pass. We saw two moose just off of the road our our way up.

Another day in Teton Pass. Hiking back to the truck after a beautiful run down Mount Glory.

The low clouds and snowy skies hid the mountains for most of the week. The clouds lifted on the last day and we were able to see the Tetons in all their beauty.



The long awaited trip to Jackson Hole came and went last week. My parents covered all the bills, skiing, staying and eating for free is an amazing thing. We spent six blissful days reconnecting and enjoying the chance to spend uninterrupted time together.