We're back in Oregon now missing all the amazing fresh fruit and watching our tans fade rapidly. I've never been a let's-eat-papayas kind of person but they happened to be in season and that changed everything. Let's eat papayas! A few full days were spent on the house project but mostly it was just here and there leaving Denver plenty of time to surf and me lots of beach/pool time.


My in-laws bought some land in Costa Rica a few years ago and have decided it's time to build.  Denver and I have been anxiously waiting for this decision and are really excited to be a part of the project.  The property is in a little township called Ojochal on Costa Rica's west coast just up the hill from the beach with beautiful ocean views.  There is great surfing in the area and all kinds of wildlife as much of the area is national park or government owned. The area seems to of attract quite a wide variety of international residents which makes for a fun vibe but even better all kinds of small family owned restaurants with amazing ethnic food, from french bakeries to tahitian infusion all at really reasonable prices.  

We learned so much in the last few weeks but also feel like there is so much more to learn and work through.  While these kind of projects are often successfully completed with the owners living off shore we couldn't help but think it would wise to be on site for much of the build especially as Denver has quite a bit of construction experience and we are all pretty particular about finish, cost and management.  Here's a little sneak peek at the architectural renderings, I think it's going to look even more awesome in person!