Sonora Pass


I'm not an avid backpacker and Denver is even less interested. The sport lacks an element of danger which is fine with me but leaves Denver feeling bored and apathetic. I appreciate the relative safety of the sport but find that time tends to drag. I'm usually tired of hiking long before the sun sets and I'm allowed to head to bed. Occasionally, however, the backpacking bug bites. The bug only bites about once a year and waits to bite when the temperatures cool and the trails aren't too dusty. We found a beautiful trail up in Sonora Pass. The overcast afternoon skies reminded us of all the time spent on trails in the Chugach.

Lazy Days

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A Hike in Devils Postpile (without instagram filters)


6 years and counting

Denver and I celebrated our six year anniversary. As a co-worker stated the other day "it's amazing how the years accrue when one gets married as a high school student." I see her point; however, I do feel the need to clarify that I had indeed graduated before we decided to "tie the knot." For how long? Unnecessary question.

In the past, I haven't really been all that excited about holidays. Holidays seemed unnecessary and a bit of a stress; however, I decided to change my approach. Life seems to short to not cheer for the occasional birthday or anniversary. I've turned over a new leaf regarding holidays just in time for my birthday. Let the celebrations begin.

Thus stated this is the first time, as far as I can remember, that we have actually made a special effort to celebrate our anniversary. It was fun. I can't wait for next year. Denver and I headed down to the Mammoth area for some bike riding and fresh air. Our goal for the weekend was the Lower Rock Creek Trail. A highly recommended trail that involves over 2700ft of elevation drop entirely on single track. The relentless climb up the hill made the single track even more magical. We also did some hiking and reading and camping and watching the thunder clouds roll overhead.

Fuel for the ride. Coffee from Shat's baker and muffins from home

The top of the trail

The long anticipated single track

Convict Lake



We were so excited to have an impromptu visit from Dani and Adam over Labor Day weekend and even more excited when Denver's parents decided to join the party. The weekend seemed short (two days is not even close to enough time) but we did our best to make the days last as long as possible. It has been almost a year since the six of us were able to spend time together and there was lots of catching-up to be done. I have come to believe that there is no better blessing then a house full of family and friends.

We made the short hike to Skunk Harbor to lounge on the rocks and cool off. The location is remarkably lovely despite it's name.

Dennis and Diane just celebrated their 31st anniversary a few days ago. I seriously hope that Denver and I look this good in another twenty-five years.

Mr. Fear the Beard and the beautiful Dani