The first surf trip to the Oregon coast, so pretty but so cold.  We toughed out the frigid water in our ancient leaky wetsuits, but ordered new ones, with hoods and booties, the minute we made it to an internet connection. Wetsuits so thick it might be more work getting into them then actually surfing.

These Summer Days

I've been reliving many of my old childhood haunts. Fifteen years later, everything is remarkably the same but somehow less intense. Growth happens so quietly and discreetly it's often overshadowed by it's ever growing big brother of responsibility. Each consecutive project and stage has matched my limits, pushing my patience and strength just a little bit farther then the last. Which is just how it's supposed to be. I've stepped back in time this summer though and suddenly realized I'm stronger then my fourteen year-old-self. The distances seem shorter, the irrigation pipes seem lighter, the chores not quite so arduous.

To be honest, it's kind of fun.

A new project is just around the corner. New problems and challenges await, but for now, for today I'm going to enjoy the ease of the ease of that oh-so-familiar six mile ride down to the lake.   

Todd Lake


I thought I knew central Oregon well. Maybe even arrived with a bit of a "been there done that attitude." But I'm beginning to realize that we haven't even touched upon all there is to see. These last few weekends with mountain bikes on the ready and map in hand we've come across so many new trails and idyllic spots. Each unique and beautiful in their own right. If I had to choose though, Todd Lake would be my favorite with it's clear cold water, wildflower meadows and high mountain views. If you're ever in the area, you really must visit.

Sky Lakes

One of the most enjoyable aspects of our time in Oregon has been closer proximity to family, the ability to participate in every day life and simply exist together.  Kayce and Garret (the youngest of my siblings, ages 11 and 9) have become some of our best buddies.  Both of them hike with more tenacity then many adults and spend more nights camping out on the front lawn then they spend in their own beds. Their lawn-camping season begins when the nights are still frosty and presses on through all sorts of inclement weather so it seemed they were ready for a true backpacking trip. We found our backpacks in the storage unit (a feat in and of itself) and headed out into the Sky Lakes wilderness. The trip was a success. The miles on trail went quickly. We found a great little lakeside campsite, successfully warded off the larger-than-life mosquitoes, filtered drinking water from the lake and honed our fire starting technique. The wildflowers have been abundant after all the spring rain, making every scene just that much prettier.  



Forward, forward let us range,
Let the great world spin forever down the ringing grooves of change  -Tennyson

Life these days, is a bit like riding a bike with a messed up derailleur. I'm pushing on my pedals, straining against the hillside trying to coax my chain onto a lower ring. I'm wanting the pressure to ease the and freedom to climb at my own pace but instead my chain just crunches and grinds every time I reach for a lower gear. Forcing the ride to continue at a pace just a little bit more strenuous then would be preferred.

Our house sold remarkably fast, as seems to be happening all around the country. In less then a few hours on the market we had two offers above our asking price and within 21 days we were packing the last of our personal belongings into a Uhaul. Denver and I couldn't be more thankful for the smooth process and a project that worked out even better then we had dared hope. 

So here we are in beautiful southern Oregon. Trying to find our new groove.