It's official, we're headed to Hawaii. We have procured our one-way tickets, leased out the units that we just purchased in Bend and are now counting down the days until departure. I've been trying to get everything ready for spending the next six months trapped on a small island, but really haven't done anything except purchase a few new swimsuits and some sunnies. Somethings got to give here soon. 

Denver and I are both quite terrible at planning vacations, long term or short term. We'd really like to just show up on the island, surf boards in hand, and figure everything out once we're there in person. We've done that before, in different scenarios, only to realize that upon arrival those first few days can be rather hellish. While in the middle of those hellish first few days, we always promise ourselves to plan ahead next time. But, next time rolls around and we find ourselves on repeat, no hotel or camping reservation, no rental car reservation, no water in our water bottles.

This time around, things will be different. I promise.

10 years!


A friend was getting married in Orange County so we took our time getting there, driving down the coastline and surfing at different breaks along the way. The weather and water were amazingly warm, so warm that we were able to ditch the wetsuits entirely after making our way south of Santa Cruz.

We celebrated our ten year anniversary along the way. Ten years! I'd like to play it cool, but really? Denver is the best thing that ever came my way.  God is good, He is faithful and I know that in a real palpable way because of Denver's love and friendship.



The smoke finally cleared. The sky is clear and blue and I find myself taking extra deep breaths just to get a little more of the pureness.  The A/C is off and now I'm searching for extra layers to keep warm through the chilly airstream mornings, how quickly seasons change. Denver has been working hard trying to finish up the house he has been working on over the summer and I've been busy in the shop building up my repertoire. I'm trying to build pieces that are easy to wear, durable and beautiful, field testing is serious business.


We finally closed on a property in Bend. It's a multi-family unit in what seems like a great neighborhood. A neighborhood that reminds me in so many ways of the Old Southwest in Reno, but hopefully much less inclined to criminal activity. It's been a long escrow so I'm excited and relieved to begin a new project. I'm sure the cold weather will drive us out of the airstream, sooner rather then later, and it's nice to have a place to go.


I haven't yet mentioned it, but I'm the proud Aunt to a beautiful niece, Adelay Joy.  In her short two month life span she has already brought so much joy to to the Linthicum/Nichols family.

Last night my brother and his wife brought a baby boy, Creed Alexander, into the world. I'm more then thankful for God's grace, and the tangible example of new life that these two freshly christened individual have shared.