Little Farmers


The best kind of Sneetch on the beaches

Christmas at home: laughing. cuddles. shared toothbrushes. coffee. warm fireplaces. sledding. friends. sparkling beverages. fresh eggs. farm animals. wind. muck boots. new toys. early mornings. chatter. warm cookies. silver spoons. phone calls. evergreens. late nights. green tea. snowy hikes. p90x. storybooks. stinky ski boots. down sweaters. baking. cooking. washing dishes. fuzzy slippers. wrapping paper. mail. laundry. updates. Legos. job-site tours. rabbit walks. Samson and Delilah. wet socks. red wine. hot chocolate. no haircuts.

A six year storm


On Wednesday we were skiing through ankle-deep powder. On Friday we were skiing through knee-deep powder. On Saturday it started raining and we were skiing through thigh-deep sloppy wet junk.

Getting out of the car took some serious motivation. It's always a bit disconcerting to head out on skis when it's pouring rain outside.

A little more snow and a little less rain at the top

Christmas on our street

The fresh snow earlier this week made our street look like winter wonderland.

Tis the Season


A sequence of events

We've started our annual ski day tally. The goal is to ski more days then our competitors. As you might of guessed nobody really cares about this competition. That is, no one but Jocelyn. She cares and competes with great enthusiasm. Over the last three years we've won 2 of 3. Unfortunately, this year does not bode well for another win. Jocelyn is going to be working as full-time ski patrol and already has us beat by two days. Like a good sister, she has not hesitated to taunt us with her likely win.

This is not a contrived sequence of events, we just happened to capture two classic moments on our descent.

The winner at the top

Almost to the bottom

Some friends and a sister

My sister made the big move to South Lake this week. She stayed with us for a few days but I guess the dirty floor, 60 minute commute and crash pad combo wasn't comparable to an adorable woodsy loft within walking distance to her new job. We did manage a couple of ski days before the new work week rolled around.

Some Reno rabble-rousers also headed into the backcountry with us. Enough said.

Gearing up

Skinning to the top

The descent