It's been a fun couple of weeks, kinda crazy, but sometimes I think Denver and I thrive on a little crazy. Just the right amount of course, in kind of a Goldilocks way. 

We decided to rent out the unit we've been living in over the winter as a furnished month-to-month rental and signed a lease for the summer months. We're only a month in but so far it's worked really well and we're considering leaving the unit as a furnished rental. The downside to the arrangement is that we are sort of homeless. The upside to the arrangement is that life is interesting. 

As seen thru the lens:

Summer solstice at Sparks Lake just outside of Bend
Heading south to deliver the airstream
Late spring snow 
New bikes
Our last evening in the duplex
So much time outdoors. It turns out that being homeless in the summer feels very much like an extended camping trip

Airstream before & after

The Land Yacht sold this week to a new happy owner who has great plans for its future. What a project! It's been tagging along with us over the last three plus years, a very large, time-consuming, accessory. To celebrate the sale I thought it would be fun to post a few before and afters.

The before:

The after: