As both my arms are often full of babies these days I've found that finding time to read has been a bit trickier and audio sources are the best option for keeping my mind occupied and on track.  In case anyone else is on the hunt I thought it would be fun to share my favorites from these last few weeks.

I've so been enjoying this album:

and this podcast. I listened to a few of these Great Books 101 lectures while polishing the airstream, it's been fun to finish up the list now that I'm back on the hunt for audio material. 


We've been trying to ease back into life, back to work, figuring out our new normal. It's funny how a solo two hour drive south or a picnic by the river or making it to church on time suddenly becomes a major accomplishment. Denver started back on the house build down south last week and while he was out of town my Mom came and helped out for a few days. It was so nice to spend time together and such a relief to have an extra pair of experienced hands around. Denver and I are such newbies at this whole parenthood thing sometimes we'll happen to catch each others eye while were struggling to do something simple, Cas and Alta becoming more annoyed by the second, us looking like we've been on one heck of a 3 week bender and can't help but laugh at the whole situation. The twins never seem as amused by our ineptness.   

We attempted our first overnight camping trip in the Ochocos over the weekend, such a beautiful part of Oregon with some really great mountain bike trails. The overnighter became a day trip by about 10pm that evening though. Once the sun set, the call of my comfy bed and a hot latte the following morning was too strong to resist. I had us loading up and heading home in a hot minute, promising to give it another go next weekend. (Which I'm now sort of regretting as its somehow already "next weekend" and I'm not necessarily feeling any braver then last weekend.)