There is so much to be thankful for and look forward to as we begin another year but mostly we're grateful and excited for baby Linthicum (x2) so far healthy, happy and all set to join us in early May.  These two are an answer to prayer and our hearts are full. 


Life aside from the twin excitement:

- Prepping to begin a new build as soon as the weather permits this spring. We couldn't find another house flip that seemed like a good investment so it was time to try new approach. Building from the ground up is so different from remodeling. So far there has been lots to learn and we haven't even broken ground yet!

- Shop days. The plan is furnish the other unit in Bend once the current lease expires this spring so Denver has been busy creating. I'm his cheeky sanding and finishing apprentice, I'd think he'd fire me if he could.

- A couple day ski trip with my family to celebrate my Dad's 60th birthday.  I love to ski and I love that my family is game to go even in this crazy cold weather.

- Lots of snow shoveling.

- My parent's huge hay barn (the one I took a picture of Denver and I in just a few posts back) just collapsed unexpectedly this afternoon. Which is so crazy but probably only crazy to me and more like having a comic strip verbally explained for everyone else.

- We're flying out for Costa Rica tomorrow. If all goes well hopefully 2017 and all the years hereafter will also include a Linthicum family house in the tropics named Casa Panoramica. More on that to come.