We headed out for the weekend in search of single track, warm weather and cacti. We found all three. Plus a ridiculously long drive and a new appreciation for McDonald's free coffee refills.

The Sonoran desert has truly captured my heart. The desert landscapes are the most beautiful I've yet to experience. From the hazy distant mountain ranges to the clear blue sky and craggy rock formations.  I love the evening light across the landscape, the long cactus shadows and the aroma that comes wafting up from the harsh landscape. The morning light is just as magical, the desert seems to sing it's last song before the sun works it's way over the horizon and the spell of the night is broken.
I got a little self-indulgent in posting pictures's just so hard to pick a favorite. I haven't seen a cactus that didn't beg to be photographed and Denver apparently feels the same way.

a friend


You have a friend, and his ways are your ways. You travel together, you spree together confidentially, and you suit each other down to the ground.  -The Virginian

a taste of spring

Happy Valentines from my folks!

Castle Peak, approach from Donner Summit Rest Area



We skied Castle Peak on Super Bowl Sunday. I'm not proud of this, like "I'm so cool 'cause I didn't watch the game", it's just that I don't follow football the rest of the year, so why start when its over? Anyway, I was expecting the mountain to be empty, but I guess that a lot of backcountry skiers felt the same way, since we came across a party of people up there, including a couple of guided groups. Ourselves and about thirty others at the much for solitude. I wonder if the guide services tout those as Super Bowl alternatives or if they just had the bad luck not to check the calender.