Happy Birthday Cas + Alta


And just like that my babies went and turned one on me. We celebrated the twins first birthday over at the new build, everybody just graciously ignored all the unfinished edges. At this point, I think our families are all used to our weird living situations (bless their hearts) and would probably be more weirded out if we were actually living like normal people in a normal house.

There were so many good years with Denver and I just doing our thing. I wouldn't trade those years for anything but, this last year might be the best one yet. Cas and Alta have brought so much joy. Their little souls make each day brighter and each moment just a little better (and sometimes more stressful!). I wanted to give up on ever having a family but Denver wouldn't let me and ended up carrying the optimism and hope to buoy us both. God did a work on my heart during those years of wanting what wasn't mine. He loosened my grip and showed me I wasn't in control. Then showed me that He saw me and then gave me the greatest gifts I could ever imagine. A gift that I always try to remember to hold with an open hand. I'm so so thankful for this little family of mine.

As seen through the lens:

En-route to a successful summit of Mt Shasta. Denver had hoped to ski the route but the conditions were bullet proof so he and a friend basically just hauled their skis up to the top and then back down again.  (The Shasta photos are all taken by another climbing amigo.)

The twins and I stayed home and ate snacks in the sun.

Lots of hours of on the new build. Denver broke ground last year just a few days before the twins were born. I was hoping to get the place finished up before the year mark but it just didn't quite happen.

The house isn't finished but it's been graced with the most amazing custom canvas. It's been in the works for a few months, we specified the size but everything else was left up to our friend (and incredible artist).

Striking blooms from my sis-in-law.

Denver and Cas still sporting the same chopped hair. 

We spent our first night over at the new house after the twin's birthday. We woke up to the sun streaming across the river and the honking of the Canadian geese family that have become quite possessive of the small island in front of the lot.

More sun and snacks.