Cathedral Peak


Cathedral Peak was one of our favorite climbs last summer. We couldn't think of a better repeat when my sister and a friend decided they were ready for a multi-pitch route. The morning started bright and beautiful but we were racing the afternoon thunderstorms (as the forecast predicted). With perfect timing, we made it off the route just as the thunder started clapping and raindrops fell.

At the summit

Temple Crag via Venusian Blind


It's been awhile since we did an overnight trip on our own, just the two of us. We managed just fine solo and even played a riveting game of twenty questions while the ferocious mosquitoes buzzed about the tent. Denver might of been wishing for a climbing partner that offered to lead a pitch or two, but he kept those thoughts to himself.

A quick swim and a great view of Temple Crag

Braving the mosquitoes


At the summit, ready to head down.

happy pedaling


From Thick World

Another ride. Can't get over how perfect the trails and the weather and the views have been.

bikes and cool mountain air


The snow is finally receding and we were able to ride a few nice trails at higher elevations. It's been rather hot in the valley but the weather in the mountains is perfect for biking and swimming and eating six-dollar, one-pound, burritos for lunch.

Pedaling along the North Tahoe City Loop

Wildflowers along the Spooner Lake to South Camp Peak Summit trail

Independence Day


Last night was July fourth. Chelsea and I drove up to the Evans Canyon trail head for what was billed as a spectacular view of the fireworks over the city. Knowing that it was about nine miles from the fireworks should have given us a realistic expectation of how great it was going to be. It did not.
That's okay though, we crawled onto the roof of the camper shell for a better view and had a nice time hanging onto the crossbars for the next thirty -five minutes to keep from sliding off.



The majority of this last weekend was spent whacking weeds, cleaning gutters, and signing new lease papers on the Oregon house. Hurray for new tenants!

There's always a twinge of nostalgia to be back at the house, but the sweetness is usually overpowered by the annoyance of money wasted, a bad economy and unwanted work. This time was different, we were so thankful to be signing a new lease that we just enjoyed the beauty of the lake and the trees and the quail hurrying accross the driveway. Our complaints were also silenced by the generosity of Team Family who have spent countless hours showing and working on the house in the midst of their very busy lives. Even my youngest siblings were set to work pulling weeds from the gravel pathways and driveway.

We are perfectly content here at the edge of the sierras, but it's hard to beat the Oregon landscapes.