Like rolling stones


It happened faster then expected, the idea was to put our place in Bend on the market just to see what might happen, ten days later our belongings are loaded in the Uhaul and were handing the keys over to the new owners. It was a bittersweet move, as maybe all moves are, but we are hoping it gives us the opportunity to buy another place outside of town on some acreage. In the meantime Denver is trying to get the cabin on the river built, this week he's framing walls like a mad man. I think these cooler summer nights can't help but make us feel like fall is closing in fast and it adds a little pressure to get the place weather tight before the summer season ends.

We've moved ourselves and our belongings into the rental house that we're still trying to sell, hopefully the furnishings will help bring a buyer. After cleaning up after the last tenants abandoned the place I told a few people (well pretty much everyone) that I never wanted to live there, but with a few months to kill the germs and let the memories fade, I'm happily eating my words. After a week of living full time in the trailer a real house seems pretty amazing.



Happy 4th! Our first holiday with the babies who were looking particularly patriotic in little outfits that my Mom had saved all these years. Sis is in a dress that both my mom and I wore and Cas has on a romper that my brother wore. Cas held onto that little flag for hours, just about killed us with cuteness.