Warming the bones


There's been lots of good skiing and lots of good winter thus far. We really can't complain. However, when I saw that the forecast for Santa Cruz was sunny with a high of 75 we packed up as quickly as possible.  It's kind of amazing to drive four hours, out of the heart of cold and snow, to then find yourself laying on the beach in your swimming apparel. There was a pretty big swell that hit Santa Cruz on our second day which certainly threw off our surfing groove but we took our boards out each day and chalked it up to a learning experience.

Instagram is really getting the better of me.  I did manage snap a few photos with the real camera one morning from the beach just below our campsite. They're so much more satisfying then the quick iphone photos.

Happy New Year!


Something tells me that 2013 is going to be a good one! We look back at 2012 feeling so blessed and so thankful that our Savior, Jesus Christ, does indeed save, making good out of bad and giving us hope for a perfect future.

Relay Peak