Spring Break in Valdez, AK


During Spring Break we spent five days skiing in Thompson Pass. We were totally blessed with bluebird skies all week.
We had the time of our life with an unplanned heli-ski day!

On the heli day we would drop 4000 vert of untracked pow, load our skis in the ship, and do it again.

Looking down from the top of the run called Stale Fish

The heli camp base lodge

Paul, our guide, pointing out our next line

Catching some air off a cornice

After our day of heli skiing it was back to human powered powder hunting


  1. Amazing! Absolutely amazing! THAT'S QFO.
    (or was I supposed to say, "Wicked, man. That's just sic.")
    No matter, I'm so jea... er... happy that you were able to experience those mountains!

  2. I've been showing your blog to anyone misfortunate enough to be in visual range of my computer. They all think your photos are *awesome*.

    And yeah, I second J's sentiments.