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(2) Grow A Mustache

I consulted my future brother in law, who has been seen sporting the mustache on more than one occasion, to see how best to go about growing your own. He says "Don't shave at all for a few weeks. A 'guy's only' camping trip is ideal, but a camping trip on which you plan on proposing to your one and only will do in a pinch. You must allow the 'stache to freely extend beyond the corners of your mouth. There is a point when the hairs will start to interfere with food and drink, you will have to deal with that, use a straw or something. Once it is long enough for your purpose, carefully shave off extraneous hair until you are left with a luxurious mouth mane." He concludes: "Admittedly, most women don't like it. But those that do really do."


  1. Hahahaha!!! I love that "a camping trip where you plan on proposing to your 'one and only' will do in a pinch".

    Wow... I need to meet this guy. Sometime. Okay, it'll probably never happen, but I can dream, right? :-)

    BTW, that new "chiaroscuro" pic must have come from your new house. I think I recognize the mountains.

  2. HAHA! This is awesome. Although, I have to clarify that the (trimmed) beard is sexy, whereas the 'stache is a little creepy. On Adam, anyways.

    Or maybe it's just that it starts to take on a life and personality of it's own after a day or two... we start making decisions based on what "The Stache" would do. :)

  3. The main blog pic must be a product of D's mad dash to the lake. Looks like his trailing hair didn't slow him down too much. ;)
    -nice perspective.

  4. That's grand, the recent years have given rise to the "ironic mustache" where an otherwise creepy and disturbing look becomes socially acceptable as long as it's understood that it's for a goof.