Stove Hunting


Last Sunday we went on a stove hunt. We had been scouring Craigslist for a couple of weeks, hoping to find a nice stainless range that we wouldn't need a second on the house to buy. Stoves can be very wary and elusive of tightwads, cheapskates and bargin hunters, and we had scared off more than a few fine examples. Finally, we were rewarded. In Arnold, CA there sat a gleaming hunk of polished steal that is guaranteed to boil water faster than you can say "green tea". So after some phone call haggling with its current owner, we agreed to drive to Arnold to pick it up. Trouble is, Arnold is on the west side of the Sierra, and we are on the east. Furthermore, the only direct way across from here to there is HWY 4, which is closed for winter. Very well, we'll go the indirect way. The very indirect,"Chelsea's Special Shortcut" way.

But after some long "conversations" about which way to go, we made it out without any cannibalism or even running out of fuel. And the stove? Waiting in the living room until the new kitchen is ready to receive it.

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