A Kitchen (almost finished)


My intention was to wait to post updated renovation pictures once the kitchen and dining room were completely finished, but it's so close now that I couldn't resist. We just came back from ten-day holiday and coming home to the new kitchen and dining room was a delight. Eating all the food that we've been cooking has also been a delight. The only things left to really finish it out are cabinet pulls, shelving, and some photos/decorations on the walls.
As a special bonus just for you, dear reader, I included some pictures of the bedroom remodel and bathroom addition that happened prior to the kitchen.

This kitchen is amazing. The morning sun comes streaming through the windows in the mornings and makes the last six months of living in a gutted house totally worth the discomfort. I'm also so proud of Denver for all of his craftsmanship and slave labor.

To save on square footage, Denver decided to do a wall pantry with sliding barn doors. Above the fridge we still need to install some open shelving.

My sister was a bit concerned when she saw this wall with the offset hooks, don't worry it's all a work in progress. I have great plans for this little nook.

I came down with a bad case of bacterial pneumonia two weeks ago and lay in bed just thinking about how fortunate I was not to get sick without a finished bedroom. Can you imagine having a fever and having to stare at yellow-brown walls? Ridiculously dramatic, but all logical thought left when the illness arrived. Denver made the bed frame when we were living in Oregon, maybe my favorite piece yet.

Once we had converted the closet space to a bathroom there was a latent concern for a place to put the clothes. Wardrobes were the answer. Denver had great plans for building some but my impatience won and we purchased these beauties. I think he's glad he doesn't have to listen to my complaints but the shame of having purchased furniture that he had the ability to build is a heavy load. (And the deepest secret of all....it's not even real wood) There, he'll never be able to show his face again.

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  1. I just bought a house and would like to hire you and Denver to come to Texas to renovate it for me :) Seriously though, I just love what ya'll have done...so talented!