My sister is temporarily staying with Denver and I. While the living room floor probably isn't the most comfortable set-up she's experienced it's been a pretty good deal for me. I come home from work to find the lawn mowed, dishes done, new groceries in the pantry, a clean house and some sort of delectable food item. I'm serious. On Saturday morning we woke up to the smell of maple quinoa flake scones fresh out of the oven. (I also can't find my favorite shirts or jeans but that is an entirely different story.)

She also makes me do things that I don't really want to do. Like go to hot springs. My experience with hot springs is similar to a review I read online about "sitting in a broth of tepid unwashed hippie froth." However, after lots of of strong encouragement, the three of us were on our way south, camping gear loaded, in search of hot water and adventure. We found both adventure and hot water and I'm converted hot spring lover.

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  1. This, I like.

    Hooray for committed sisters! ...thank YOU for YOU (and all your adorable clothes).

    Commencing execution of stage II:
    Chelsea becomes a coffee shop lounger and latte lover.