The majority of this last weekend was spent whacking weeds, cleaning gutters, and signing new lease papers on the Oregon house. Hurray for new tenants!

There's always a twinge of nostalgia to be back at the house, but the sweetness is usually overpowered by the annoyance of money wasted, a bad economy and unwanted work. This time was different, we were so thankful to be signing a new lease that we just enjoyed the beauty of the lake and the trees and the quail hurrying accross the driveway. Our complaints were also silenced by the generosity of Team Family who have spent countless hours showing and working on the house in the midst of their very busy lives. Even my youngest siblings were set to work pulling weeds from the gravel pathways and driveway.

We are perfectly content here at the edge of the sierras, but it's hard to beat the Oregon landscapes.

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