Yuba River


I'm a kid who grew up swimming in weed-infested farm ditches and a thick-green-algae lake. We'd choke on midges while water-skiing and never-mind slipping on that old cowpie. There were a few clear water sources that were perfect for a quick panicked dip and but were far too cold for actual swimming.

I assumed that all rivers and lakes were of equal caliber. I should never assume. A few days ago we found a swimmers paradise. Crystal clear water with huge granite boulders. There were deep pools, shallow pools and short underwater tunnels. There were cliffs perfect for jumping and short gentle waterfalls perfect for sliding. There were strong currents and calm inlets. The water was just cool enough to be refreshing but certainly not too warm. We'd scampered upstream on the boulders then floated downstream. We sunned ourselves on the rocks while we ate our lunch and watched the little carp putter about. It was perfection, plain and simple.

The view from the bridge before we took the trail upriver

Cute little pregnant Momma who makes the best blackberry crumble in the whole wide world

Ten toes

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