Sonora Pass


I'm not an avid backpacker and Denver is even less interested. The sport lacks an element of danger which is fine with me but leaves Denver feeling bored and apathetic. I appreciate the relative safety of the sport but find that time tends to drag. I'm usually tired of hiking long before the sun sets and I'm allowed to head to bed. Occasionally, however, the backpacking bug bites. The bug only bites about once a year and waits to bite when the temperatures cool and the trails aren't too dusty. We found a beautiful trail up in Sonora Pass. The overcast afternoon skies reminded us of all the time spent on trails in the Chugach.


  1. No offense, but your backpacking does look a little apathetic. ha. Or maybe I should say charming?

  2. You could just say charming, make us feel good...