Cabin Fever


We know some folks who have a cabin and spend lots of time at their cabin. Sometimes we're lucky enough to join them.

This man is passionate about fires. The good-kind of fires. The kind of fire that you watch and enjoy and warm your toes by, not the kind that will send you to jail.

Isn't this what cabin days are all about?
Don't let the picture fool you. These folks aren't nearly as mellow as they appear. Mr four-minute-mile-man and his wife (who is equally as fast) are the most committed runners I have ever met. Rain or snow, late night or early morning, these folks lace up their shoes and head out the door.

Their commitment to running and running fast is just a tiny example of the way they live life. They live life with purpose and intention. They are committed to living a life that serves and gives credit to Christ.

They are purposeful about community, family relationships and their relationship with each other. They are committed to healthy eating (even though eating healthy is expensive and is hard on a budget). They're committed to living on one income and raising a family. They're making decisions that are counter-culture because they belive in something bigger then themselves. And somehow, in the midst of all this intentional living mumbo-jumbo, they make life look like alot of fun.

The view of the Sierra Valley


  1. Seriously? This made me want to cry. Nice inspiration H and S!

  2. Committed to healthy eating? God and health food, hopefully in that order.