Diamond Peak


The sun never really made an appearance on Saturday. Leaving all of Friday's slushy goodness a crispy mess. Our season passes are blacked out on Saturdays, so with a free afternoon and nothing better to do, we decided to brave the backcountry mess. When we pulled up to the trailhead I jumped out of the truck to test the snow. Denver watching me poke at the crusty snow commented "I always hate when it turns out to be as terrible as I imagined." We sat in the truck for a while remembering the times we've driven all the way to some empty trailhead only to decide that the conditions were even worse then we imagined and drive home. Never really sure where our decision making failed. Eventually though, we left our warm comfy seats and geared up. Convincing ourselves that Diamond Peak was one of the shortest skins possible and that the descent, however terrible, could only last so long and that our hearts could really use a little exercise.

The view, plus the fact that it started snowing at the top, made up for a world of terrible snow conditions.

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