Santa Cruz


We couldn't of asked for a better weekend at the beach, with calm winds, sunny skies and a highs in the 70s. Denver is actually starting to look like he's surfing, I'm still just catching a few waves now and then. We spent a few hours in the water each morning and after warming up on the beach jumped in the car and headed down the road for some new sites. The tide pools in Monterey kept us busy for hours, deciding to leave is so hard as there is always the possibility that the next pool will hold some magnificent creature. North of Santa Cruz in Point Arenas we found nice hiking trails and beaches that were covered with hundreds of elephant seals. Elephant seals are crazy creatures, always barking, harassing each other, and piling in heaps on the sand. The outlet malls in Gilroy also kept us busy for hours. I personally find that outlet malls are a bit like tide pools, there is always a possibility that next store will hold some magnificent sale. Denver doesn't seem to have the same feelings.

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  1. Hooray for firsts of the season!! Looking good, guys. And high five to D for picking up his game!