Get your rodeo on!


It's been a while since we've found ourselves at a rodeo but that's all about to change. Rodeos are fun! We both headed home with the feeling that we had missed our life's calling as a cowboy and a cowgirl. Denver was diagnosed with FOMO, otherwise know as fear-of-missing-out, ages ago so his reaction really isn't much of a surprise. I have to agree though, there's really something pretty awesome about cowboy hats, cowboy boots, big trucks and riding bucking angry animals.


  1. Haha, FOMO is funny.

    Trying to get Denver to ride a horse with me is not. ;)

  2. I think he's definetly prefers the 8 second type riding style

    Ashley- I can imagine that you Texans do love a good rodeo. Boots and all!