Mt. Conness via North Ridge


Time was limited between a meeting Denver was to attend and a BBQ the following day. I did my best to pack-up while Denver was in the meeting but got distracted creating a lemon semifreddo dessert which seemed like a quick creation. It was quick, but the recipe used only egg yolks which left me with a dozen egg whites. The only sensible thing to do with a dozen egg whites is make an angel food cake, of course, so I was neck-deep in dessert and hadn't done much packing when Denver returned home. I suggested that we stay home and eat cake, but my comrades vetoed the suggestion. Lucky for us, we live just a couple of hours from Tuolumne and were able to make it to the trailhead for a few hours of sleep before starting the approach in the morning light. The approach was beautiful with numerous crystal clear alpine lakes, waterfalls, wildflowers and clean granite. So beautiful that I suggested we bag the climb sit on a nice boulder and eat some crackers while soaking in the view. Once again my suggestion was vetoed. The route was mostly 4th and easy 5th class so we decided that we could leave the rope and rack behind. There was a 5.6 down-climb section that was a bit sketchy, but overall the climb was great fun and the weather perfect.  We made it back to the car seven hours later and arrived home for the BBQ fun. Mission accomplished. Best day ever.


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