Mr. Handy


Seriously, the man can do anything. He tells me that it's an acquired skill, that once you start using your hands, all you need is a little google research and can-do attitude. I'm not so sure. All I know is that in the last six years and 361 days that we've been married we've only had to hire an "expert" twice and Mr. Handy has done everything, from oil furnace and dishwasher repair to surfboard and car repairs.


  1. @Adam the first expert was me, on how to ski and climb like a pro. The second expert was also me on how to look awesome driving big trucks and wearing trucker hats.

  2. girlwhoshoots- haha, funny girl.

    Adam- Two car repairs. The old Tundra when we were living in AK, and were relatively tool-less, and another car repair when we were sharing a vehicle and didn't have time for experiments.....sometimes the fix takes a few attempts and ALOT of time. :)

  3. Thanks for the anniversary wish!