The big move finally happened and we're now working on carving out a bit of habitable space in the 3000sq ft of dump that is our new home. I've been working nights this week and have been able to spend quite a few daylight hours working with Denver setting up camp at the new place. Those are my favorite hours, I love working together on something we both care about. The work is 10x harder then my "real job" but 100x more satisfying. I'm hoping that someday that will be our every day life.

Despite the craziness of moving, the real job and a nasty bug, to boot, it has been such a relief to be settled and have purpose. The unknown for the past few months has really been un-fun. We are so thankful and excited about the successful sale of our little brick bungalow and the chance for another project.

My benediction to you today:

and because the only thing that could make that combo better is a warm sun and body of water....

I also hope you find some serious sunshine in which to read those books while snogging with that person who thinks you're wonderful.

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