Costa Rica, IV


Notice how I just did that just now? Squeezed in a few more Costa Rica pictures without any apologies or preamble...and you thought you were in the clear.

The last few days of our trip were spent in the tropical highlands and on the Caribbean side of the country. The highlands were a welcome break from the constant high temperatures. It was such a surprise to find ourselves surrounded by cabbage plants and wishing we had packed some warmer clothes.

The Caribbean side was dirty spicy and fun. The surfing was out of our league so we just snorkeled, checked out the tide pools and watched the skilled surfers. We had almost given up home on ever spotting a toucan in the wild when we finally saw the two, pictured above, hanging on the bars of our seedy hotel room window.


  1. Loved the toucans... I think they look like birds with masks on. Did you get to see them in flight too? Funny looking.

  2. yeah, we got to watch them for quite a while...they are hilarious. I'm still jealous of your guy's sloth battling the monkey observation.

  3. You never have to apologize for beautiful pictures...especially of places that I would love to go to! I love the trees; they remind me of Dr. Seuss. How was the snorkeling?

    1. snorkeling wasn't super impressive...i think we would of had better luck if we had taken a boat or been willing to swim the distance to an off shore reef.

      the tress are absolutely Dr. Seuss style, we couldn't help but think the same thing!