Duplex interior before & after


I'm currently sitting in the waiting room at the Dr's office, hoping they'll be able to save my right thumb. A digit that wasn't much considered until three months ago when a fine silver sliver that had gone unnoticed over the summer became infected and has since turned into an open wound about the size of a pencil eraser. All my efforts of natural healing have been futile, here's to hoping that the great medical community will have more success.  

I've finished the book I brought along. Stephen King's On Writing proved to be a great read, if anyone's interested, and then started in on Plato's Republic. If I have learned anything from Stephen King it would be to put away the computer pronto and return to my book, any book will do, but here I am computer screen open, wasting away my brain.

It's been a real effort to move quickly on the home front as our quality of life always suffers during the first stages of these projects. After two months of sleeping in a sleeping bag and finding food from plastic packages, transitioning to a finished space has been beautiful. Our bed feels like heaven and the angels sing every time we sit down at a real dining room table with healthy homemade food. 

I've added in a few before and afters so you guys can check out the progress. The unit next door is now under progress but we've yet to tackle the exterior.

Kitchen before:

Kitchen after:

Living before:

Living after:

North bedroom after:

Bathroom before:

Bathroom after:

South bedroom before:

South bedroom after:


  1. You guys kick ass at remodels. Another absolutely beautiful job. Well done. Hope things work out and you get to keep all your digits. I just finished "Till We Have Faces," another great masterpiece by Lewis I had never read or heard of. Cheers,


    1. Hannah! Thank you, It's so nice to hear from you. I found Till We Have Faces on Dennis & Diane's bookshelf while we were staying with them last spring. Such an incredible read! Seriously my favorite fiction piece I've read in years. How did you hear about it?

      Hope you guys are doing well, Chelsea

    2. I found it randomly on amazon while looking for other good reads. I've been contemplating a second go around though before I move on to something else, just because I think there's so much more than I got out of it the first time. I feel like I always hurry through stuff to find out how it ends. Plus I read somewhere that Lewis, as well as Tolkien considered it his most accomplished work which just makes me want to know it better. We just finished Lord of the Rings reading out loud and are really jonesin for another good adventure or just good story, any recommendations?

    3. The Giver Quartet was one of my favorite series. All four books are so worth reading, easy but lots of food for thought. Have you already read the series?

      I also really enjoyed the Lunar Chronicles, nothing serious, but the storylines are creative. The covers are a bummer though. Denver, in particular, was always trying to hide the pop-fiction-look covers from any observing eye.

      Did you guys read "Unbroken"? I rather despise the movie but love the book.

      I can't think of any other stand-outs right now. If you have any favorites, you'll have to share. A good read makes everything so much better.

    4. We loved "Unbroken," it's excellent. We didn't even bother to see the movie once we heard Jolie didn't include his whole conversion story at the end (big surprise).

      Stephen has been crushing audio books on his commute in the mornings and just finished "The Problem of Pain," and loved it. I'm sure you guys have already read that one though. We also really enjoyed the original "Peter Pan." We found a really nice one on Amazon illustrated by Robert Ingpen, which has been fun.

      We spent most of last summer and fall reading the Harry Potter series for the first time which we absolutely loved. But I'm pretty sure you've read those as well. I read "Gone With the Wind," for the first time recently and thought it was fantastic. I guess there's a reason that it's considered "The" American novel.

      I'll definitely look into the Giver Quartet, looks like a fun read! And your bit about Denver hiding the Lunar Chronicles covers gave me a good chuckle. I always feel a little ashamed that I actually own the Twilight Series...

    5. We've finally joined the blogging world ourselves, if you're ever interested. http://talkingbears.weebly.com/

  2. You guys are amazing!!!! Love reading your blog and seeing all the inspiring pictures!!! Hope the thumb is alright!!

    1. Thanks for the kind words! Hope all is well in your part of the world.