Tunnel vision



I'm feeling very much like a small creature that just crawled out from under a rock after a long restless night. My eyes are blinking in the bright daylight my brain trying to catch up with my surroundings. We are finally FINALLY finishing up with this project and it's been one heck of a five month work-a-thon. We're out of the tunnel though and my goal is to try to figure out a way to live life a little more balanced in the future.

Since finishing up the kitchen our breakfast game has been strong, very strong. I go to bed at night dreaming about the coffee and foods I'll be able to eat in the morning.
Denver and I have been riding our longboards all over town (and a little bit out of town). The paved trail along the river is my favorite, flat and smooth is the name of my longboard game.  
Traditions are somewhat elusive in our life but we have managed to continue heading out for an Easter sunrise hike each and every year
The weather this spring has been amazing. I am so enjoying our new (mostly) landscaped spaces. Denver and I can't seem to quite agree on the best tactic for finishing up the landscaping so we're hoping a little time will bring a compromise. A genius solution would also be welcome.  
Today we saw a red cascade fox cross through the parking lot trailhead as we were putting on our ski boots. The sighting made the whole outing worthwile. Denver lives for that sort of thing.


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