Facing fears


I've been trying to soak up every inch of this beautiful Oregon summer. More often then not these days I find myself falling asleep under the expansive sky, tall Oregon trees filtering the starry vista, an arm wrapped around Denver's ribs. It's a privilege to see creation first hand on a daily basis to acknowledge the Creator so readily and so simply.

Last week we took a trip to the north-east and north-central parts of Oregon and were both duly impressed by the mountains and the trails. We brought along our backpacks and mountain bikes and enjoyed using both at different times. Somewhere in the midst of all this fun I found myself scrambling out of my sleeping bag just in time to hurl the remains of our ridiculous dinner (we'd eaten thru our food while backpacking and split the last remaining Top Ramen packet for dinner) alongside the truck bed. Fear so pallapable and strong in my chest that not even the beautiful night sky and softly flowing creek could penetrate. Denver and I prayed together and God brought peace. Like He always does. I'm not sure where this fear took hold, but I think it's always been there, safely tucked away and never given reason to reveal its ugly head.

I wouldn't trade this season in life, it's grown Denver and myself in so many ways. It's been a season of unknown, of pressing on even when it's not easy, of fighting for what we believe is right, of figuring out how to continue when we disagree on what is right. Facing fears is never easy, but I'm finding that it's good. Doug Wilson wrote this article titled God Loves Cliffhangers, it's everything I want to say but can't find my own words. God has so carefully brought us along. I've fought this journey but I'm finally thankful it's ours.


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