Our beloved Sprinter has gone on to it's new owner and it's back to tent camping for the whole family. As the twins have gotten older we were starting to think about reworking the interior build-out to make better sleeping space for all four of us. After doing some research though, we realized that selling ours with all the upgrades could pay for a different build out on a new van and as we had already put almost 50k miles on ours it seemed like a good idea to start fresh.  

The fresh start has taken an entirely different turn as Denver went out and found himself an old landcruiser. The plan is to do a full restoration with engine swap which is good because the truck is about as far away from mint condition as you could get (which I'm told is the point). Denver is really excited about the project and I'm really excited about the end product and having two drive-able vehicles again! 

After delivering the van, we got a chance to spend a couple of days at the beach and put the surfboard to good use, so great to catch some waves again. 

The house project is pretty much wrapped up, the final inspections passed and Denver built the longest of long kitchen tables to satisfy all of my long kitchen table dreams.

The trailer got a new coat of paint. Something I've been wanting to do ever since we bought the thing. The project got off on the wrong foot (as my projects are always inclined to do) but it came together in the end and I'm pretty thrilled to tone down the original 50s diner look. 

The twins are summering hard. Maybe wishing Mom and Dad would buy them a bigger pool so they didn't have to take turns soaking in the flower pot. Their favorite activity these days is pushing the camp chairs around on the deck. Back and forth. Back and forth.


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