Original Blogging


We are beginning to feel our blog lacks variety and that we should occasionally write about something other than "we had fun skiing this weekend". Because we don't want to loose any of our precious readers (thanks j) to intense boredom, we will try and think of something else to blog about.

While we do promise to eventually provide a new subject, no luck so far, the irresistible urge to post yet another photo of our weekend adventure has overcome our desire to appear balanced. Therefore, we are privileged to present a photo of Turnagain Pass taken taken this last weekend. drum roll......


  1. Haha. When I don't know what to write about, I talk about facebook. Kidding, kidding.

  2. No matter...
    You ARE my biggest fan!


  3. You guys should do a series: "D & C's Gear Wish List" or "Why D & C See Themselves As Meerkats" or "How to Survive Snowy Temperatures and Gear Fever".

    I would read it. I mean, I already do, but you know.