Farewell Aleyska


When our lazy selves don't want to sweat for some turns we head to Aleyska Resort. The views are beautiful and standing in a tram is a truly genius way to get to the top of run. We'd like to say that nothing at a resort can compare to the backcountry; however, chair lifts and trams give the backcountry some serious competition.

This last weekend the Subaru freeskiing championships were held at Aleyska, we got to watch a few nice runs, but one of the competitors fell and actually died, terrible! Freeskiing anyone? Anyways, the comps were discontinued until the next day. We lugged the camera around in a pack to try and capture some pictures of the resort before we head south.

The headwall where the competitions were held. Another view of the headwall.

The finish gate: fun times with some rockin awesome music and nice flags.

The view from the top of the resort with the Turnagain Bay in the background.


  1. Goodbye Alaska, hello Oregon! Three cheers for seeing you in just a few weeks!

  2. i think i will always be in awe of how hard-core you guys are. Just throwing that out there. :)