The final Alaska post


The last picture of the "view" from our apartment. These are possibly the most photographed trees in Anchorage.
The last days in J347
Our last ski trip
the last picture of the snow
the last goofy picture
Don't just laugh. I'm sure you can't look quite this hot while wearing ski boots and leggings.


  1. Sunburst, right? The picture of C is super cute -I like the angle. D's is manly -very nice.
    Seeing the "last" pictures of Alaska makes me want to cry. I miss it and I don't even live there.

  2. I agree with J - something about saying the "last" of anything just feels lonesome.
    However, you are breaking into a new frontier - tears and sorrow be damned! Here's to new couches, Oregon summers, great tans and California vacations. :) Who's with me?!

  3. Dear Crazy Alaskans,
    Please post on your blog again. I miss hearing about your adventures.
    Dani California