The Great Reno Balloon Race


The main event for the weekend was the title attraction, the Great Reno Balloon Race. The gist of it is that about a hundred eccentric old guys get in wicker baskets early in the morning, and float around for a while under big, colorful hot air balloons. The "race" part consists of hoping your balloon floats over one of several large X's painted on the grass in several football fields around the city, at which point you would toss out a beanbag that has your number on it. The Great Reno Balloon Beanbag Toss just didn't sound exciting enough last year, hence the new moniker no doubt aimed at attracting the adrenalin set.

The Dawn Patrol

Proffesor Muldoon's Balloon getting launched

Giant multicolored mushrooms

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  1. Love these photos! Would you be willing to let me use these for an article in our Community magazine? I am happy to give credit to the photographer.

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