our house is on fire


When Chelsea and I came home from work earlier this week, we saw the channel 2 news vans in our apartment's parking lot. Last time this happend, it was becuase one of our neighbors (a friendly asian gentleman) had strangled his wife to death in a domestic dispute the night before. So naturally, we were curious to see what had happened this time. As we rounded the corner to our parking space, we saw what the fuss was all about:The building across from ours was completely burned on one end. The building across from ours burned down when we lived at the beloved J347 in Anchorage. Is it just the shady places I live, or do apartments burn down on a routine basis? Or maybe some dyslexic, sinister mastermind is intent on burning my house down, but can't get the unit number right. Just to be safe, I'm going to move into brick house next time.

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