Autumnal Days


Fall leaves saturated with orange and red hues. My mama taught me the art of gathering and bringing nature indoors. (I've only come to realize that this was an art, as a kid I assumed that everybody had the knack or vision) She was a professional. No tree with spring blossoms or unique pine cone went unnoticed and un-gathered.

Green tomatoes rescued from the chilly fall air. I've been promised that they will ripen if left on the windowsill. They seem very green and very hard but because they look so pretty and domestic I'm willing to give the process some time.

Soft sunshine, new chairs and books on the bookshelf. My Dad always seemed to head to the shop this time of year. After the busyness of summer he'd hide-away to revive and create. Fortunately, luck was on my side, and I married someone who has the same creative juice and talent. He doesn't have a shop and only wishes for a wood stove but still manages to do beautiful work. Denver finished the wood chairs by the window a few weeks ago and I'm so proud of his handiwork.


  1. I had written a really long comment about the horrors of last winter and the beauty of the now, but I just want to say:

    You two are fabulously talented.

  2. This is inspiring! Thanks for sharing.